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The Orphan Killer 2 is on the way! (IMPORTANT UPDATED INFO, 6/27)

23 Jun

UPDATE: It appears that the Kickstarter page has been terminated, meaning it will no longer be accepting donations. But they have put up a new funding center created solely for their documentary, “Behind the Murder”, on their official site. They’ve also revised some of the pledge packages and rewards gained from donating.

Still pretty awesome, so check it out HERE, guys, and have a kickass day!

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Review: Wednesday 13’s “Calling All Corpses”

6 Oct

Look at that awesome shit!

This album totally cuts the bullshit. It starts off with the epic fist-pumping intro-rally “Blood Fades To Black”, which sounds like an Irish bar song, to be perfectly honest. And that’s fucking awesome. Dark lyrics sway through the gang-vocal chorus, setting the stage for the rest of the album. Continue reading