The latest big news in gaming

13 Aug

Time to share some of the news pertaining to the gaming industry.

The Release of Darksiders 2 is the big news right now as it being released tomorrow in the USA.Darksiders 2 is a sequel that follows up on the story from the original in which War is falsely accused of starting the apocalypse. Death is now on a quest to clear his Horsemen brother’s name by fighting old and new enemies alike. 

Assassins Creed will be getting 60+ minutes of exclusive content. At E3 Sony told the world that we would be getting some bonus content and now we have box art saying the same thing. The big unknown of course is what exactly this content shall be. Assassins Creed features a new character, Conner, as well as a completely new location, the American Revolution!!!

Rockstar will not be at Gamescon, this means we probably wont be hearing any new Grand Theft Auto 5 news any time soon. This news follows the confusion of a Gamescon scheduling saying otherwise. Rockstar followed up by apologizing and giving us two new screen shots.


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