The Orphan Killer 2 is on the way! (IMPORTANT UPDATED INFO, 6/27)

23 Jun

UPDATE: It appears that the Kickstarter page has been terminated, meaning it will no longer be accepting donations. But they have put up a new funding center created solely for their documentary, “Behind the Murder”, on their official site. They’ve also revised some of the pledge packages and rewards gained from donating.

Still pretty awesome, so check it out HERE, guys, and have a kickass day!

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Yeah, remember that extremely kickass and brutal movie we reviewed here a few months back? Well that bloody son of a bitch has a sequel and a “Behind The Murder” documentary on the way, and there are some seriously exciting plans in motion as we speak!

In order for this movie to see the light of day, Farnsworth and his crew are calling out to the fans for their support! They need our help to make this the best and bloodiest sequel that it can possibly be! A Kickstarter page has been launched for the project, and they are already taking donations. With the insane perks and packages offered on the page, you’d be crazy to not want to get in on this. Everything from autographed merchandise and replica masks to having your name immortalized in the credits of the film, and personal interviews. They’re even offering a package where you can DIE IN THE FILM. That’s fucking right, you can get your ass kicked, sliced up, and curb-stomped by Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer himself! That shit is OFF THE HOOK. Or on it, depending on how Miller decides to do the deed.

So get your asses down to their “Killstarter page” for more bloody info and then donate some cash to the beautiful savagery that is The Orphan Killer 2!

The Orphan Killer on Facebook

The Orphan Killer’s Official site

2 Responses to “The Orphan Killer 2 is on the way! (IMPORTANT UPDATED INFO, 6/27)”

  1. Geeker June 23, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    will be looking forward to this. thanks for the info

  2. Zakk June 27, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    Reblogged this on Not A Porn Site.

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