UPDATES, UPDATES, AND MORE UPDATES!!! Ok, not really, but here are a few…

21 Feb

This cat knows whats up.

What’s up everybody? All 43 of our loyal followers. We love all of you and appreciate your continued support for our little site while we just sit back and be lazy, but fear not, we are plotting and planning and scheming to bring you (and hopefully more of you) the most awesome, fun, exciting, and unique content you have ever laid your eyes on. Stay tuned in the near future because we are planning several contests with giveaways! (yes, free shit!) All we ask in return is that you share our little link! In the words of  the immortal Bill Lumbergh, “That would be greaaat.” Also, “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow” us on Twitter, and just whore out the link to N.A.P.S!!!


By the way, our forums are still very empty, please help us change that??


Run your mouth!

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