GTA:V has been announced by RockStar

25 Oct

Well ladies and gentlemen, the day has come that the highly acclaimed series Grand Theft Auto has announced a new entry.

GTA:V announcement sure has a fancy looking V

That’s right folks its soon to come true. however we don’t know any more info about the game then we have since GTA:IV. that does not mean there have not been rumors surrounding the title, and how previous cast members have shown up to Rockstar for more VA work pointing towards a return to the overly famous GTA: San Andreas location.

police to Niko:"Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave you guns here"

GTA:V (also known as “Rush” as the inside name for the title)has had several indications of where it might be from GTA:4 with several mentions of the next location for the Protagonist Niko Bellic including plance ticket to San Andreas.

Analysts (like them or not) have high hopes for the next title in the gta series predicting it to sell upwards of 18 million copies (Fact : GTA:SA and GTA:IV have both sold over 21 million copies making them some of the highest games sold ever).  they have also cited that the development cost have already reached over 80 million dollars.

The announcement came from the developers twitter feed simply saying “#GTAV” that linked to their webpage. Currently over at the entire webpage has been converted to showing the new GTA:V logo and tells us that a trailer will be shown November 2nd (look for updates here awe will be posting it as soon as we can).



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