1000 views! Thank you all! Especially Wednesday 13!

7 Oct

Look at this shit!

This little blog has only 3 real posts. We kicked it off with a review from none other than Zakk who hit one out of the fucking park. As far as I know we have the only review of Wednesday 13’s fresh new album “Calling All Corpses” on the whole god damn internet. A damn good album and I highly recommend you read the review and give the album a good listen or ten.

Odds are, you were sent here from either Wednesday 13’s Facebook page, or his Twitter page. Thanks to Wednesday himself, we have seen over 1000 different viewers visit us, and counting. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be at this milestone, so thank you again Wednesday! You fucking rock!

We aren’t much now, but we are just getting into the swing of things here. PLEASE be sure to subscribe, like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter (whenever we get it set up). We have so much shit lined up for you all, but patience is a virtue that hardly any of us have, especially we here at NAPS. Stay sick everybody. We fucking love you!


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