Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

3 Apr

cthulhuWe’re not dead yet…




20 Aug

That is right people, Rockstar has released three new photos for our viewing pleasures. The uploaded them to the Rockstar Games Blogsite¬†under the topic “transport”, as made obvious by the title of the article photos of various transportation methods are shown. Continue on past the break for the gallery.

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The latest big news in gaming

13 Aug

Time to share some of the news pertaining to the gaming industry.

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Time for some user feedback!!!

13 Aug

That’s right, we here at NAPS are looking for your feedback so that we can make your visit nicer. So please give your input!! If you say other, please let us know in a comment here or on Facebook/Twitter.

The Orphan Killer 2 is on the way! (IMPORTANT UPDATED INFO, 6/27)

23 Jun

UPDATE: It appears that the Kickstarter page has been terminated, meaning it will no longer be accepting donations. But they have put up a new funding center created solely for their documentary, “Behind the Murder”, on their official site. They’ve also revised some of the pledge packages and rewards gained from donating.

Still pretty awesome, so check it out HERE, guys, and have a kickass day!

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No used games and backwards compatibility in new console?

28 Mar

Lately there were some posts on the next PlayStation not accepting used games. This has also been said about the next generation of Xbox. These rumors have come up recently as the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft start getting closer to announcement, although both companies have confirmed no announcement at E3 this year. These rumors come up every time someone new says something new about any new console.

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Diablo 3, making us hermits starting May 15

15 Mar

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